Artist Statement

Images that capture a fleeting moment in the natural world stir the soul to appreciate and strengthen the link between humanity and the rest of our environment. My images reveal the extraordinary beauty in ordinary things that we often fail to see.

Woodland Violet. © Julie Johnston

With my roots firmly planted in the soil of an Iowa farm, the outdoors dominates my life and is reflected in my photographs. My life has been nurtured and shaped by moments lying on my back in the cool shade of the apricot tree watching clouds form pictures; observing lightning as it slashes across the darkened sky; or watching the plants in my garden as they grow and bloom.

I grew up in a world that balanced human activity with the rhythms of nature and still cherish those lessons learned. Farm life exposes one to the reality of life and death, demanding respect for nature.

To live a balanced life, we must honor and maintain the creation in which we live. If we wish our descendants to see the creatures with which we are familiar, care must be taken to preserve their habitat. I hope that my images encourage others to care for the world around them.